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World Harmony Studios - DE Music Records

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About this Album & Talent

Voices of Afghanistan is an ensemble of superb singers & musicians from Central Asia featuring Legendary Afghan songstress Ustad Farida Mahwash, renowned Afghan Composer, Rubab maestro of his generation Homayoun Sakhi & the Sakhi Ensemble. This collection of songs is dedicated to all the artists, musicians and poets who words and music illuminated dark days and brought hope and peace to millions of listeners.

Love Songs for Humanity is a rich selection of 12 tracks 8 vocal and 4 instrumental covering this remarkable ensemble’s diverse range of folkloric and classical music. This recording augments the core, 6-piece ensemble with well-chosen guests. A soaring rendition of Rumi’s poem “Deedam Negar-i Khud-ra” opens the album with praise for a player of the rubab

“His sparkling plectrum set ablaze all hearts with blissful chants in rapturous ecstasy.” Rumi could have been talking about Homayoun Sakhi, whose masterful rubab playing does just that throughout this recording. And Mahwash’s iconic voice finds an unexpected complement with the also iconic voice of African diva Angelique Kidjo and Golden, high-pitched voice of Algerian Rai Singer Cheb Yassin. Here and on other tracks, robust strings, melodic guitar hooks, and soaring vocals support add depth and texture to the most ambitious modern recording of Afghan music available.”

         - Banning Eyre – NPR -Aramco, Afropop

Special Guests

Angelique Kidjo, Cheb Yassin, The Clinton String Quartet, Layth Sidiq, Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb



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Voices of Afghanistan

Ustad Farida Mahwash- Lead Vocals: Ustad Farida Mahwash. Homayoun Sakhi -vocals, Rubab, Tambur, Ghichak Khalil Ragheb, harmonium, vocals Pervez Sakhi, tula (flute) Abbos Kosimov, Uzbekistan doyra /percussions Ezmarai Aref, Afghan Tablas/percussion


Co-Executive Producer: Sam Nappi & Dawn Elder
Co-Music Producers: Sam Nappi & Dawn Elder
Label: World Harmony Studios - DEMUSIC
Music Publisher: DE Music
Tracking/Mixing Engineer: Patrick MacDougall
Mastering Engineer: Robert Hadley Mastering Lab